Wednesday, 10 November 2010

4. The one where I left the basement to become a wrestler...

So, being the cultural fiend that I am, for our anniversary (which was back in May) the lovely boy got us tickets for WWE Smackdown in Glasgow. My inner 12 year old was ecstatic.

So on Sunday 7th of November we got the train over to Glasgow, made our way to Braehead Arena, went to our seating block and found we were RIGHT ON THE WALKWAY RAMP TO THE RING. Amazing! That's right, we got high-fived and everything. The Undertaker (my favourite) was billed for the event, but due to an injury pulled out a week or two ago, bad times. It was surprisingly enjoyable, I don't watch the wrestling anymore... well I occasionally watch it in work if there is no other sports on, so I had no idea who half of the wrestlers were. Didn't matter though! It was like being at a pantomime; I spent half the time 'oohing 'aahing' and wanting to yell 'HE'S BEHIND YOU'. Brilliant laugh, loved it, good boyfriend <3

Pretty Impressive (and buff!)
We stayed over at a hotel by the train station, mainly so I could get my Primark fill in the morning (oh Princes Street store, why do you tease me...) I was VERY restrained. I bought a cream woolly cardigan (totally unflattering, yet the warmest thing in the world), 3 pairs of amazing slouch socks for boots (very 90s, love it), a nice big ring (<3 costume rings), red snood scarf, red and cream gloves, an amazing Back to The Future tshirt from the mens section and cotton wool that the kitten has already made her way through. Ah Primark, so lovely you are. Dave did really well too, he got a couple shirts, boxers, socks, a really nice jacket. The mens section was particularly awesome. Had I not had so much crap in my basket already I would have made a fine old dent in the men's tshirt section. Lovely.

I also got a pair of leopard print slipper boots from ASDA to replace my trusty ones from River Island I bought a couple of years ago.

They are quite decent, fine for £8, and Cooper (the kitten) is loving the pom poms on the back.

Last night I went back through to Glasgow to see Alexisonfire. Mmm. Alexisonfire. Absolutely love them. And I went with Tam which was a bonus, hardly get to see her due to our silly working hours, but now she is moving to a new store in the middle of town I shall hopefully have A LOT MORE Tam time. Hurrah for TAM TIME.

Brilliant show, really loved it.

An example of our superb photography skills; I look mongoed, Tam has half a head
Hmm other than that, I had a manager and supervisor dinner and night out. It wasn't particularly exciting so I can't be bothered writing about it. In fact, I am striving to not write about work at all as it is not something I am loving right now.

Also, tonight I am going to the theatre to see 'The Importance of Being Earnest' with Dave, my friend Vicky and her boyfriend Joe. I am excited about that chat!

Till later x

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

3. Undedicated

Tired. Very tired. Always very tired.

So I have been monumentally lazy and have once again, not managed to finish hardly anything I have started! Blog, uni application (bad), books, gym, jobs, life. Bah.

To tell the truth, I have done nothing worthwhile with my life lately. Work, work, work, sleep, drink, work, same same same. So I will attempt to excuse myself for being particularly uninspired, even though I know it is just pure laziness and dissipating motivational levels.

I worked 7 shifts in a row, including a charming Saturday night/Sunday morning combination, and then decided to go out for Halloween. This mindset a drunken Ray does make. It was an all right night; had some drinks in the flat with some friends, went out to The 3 Sisters, then onto Bar Salsa (hurrah it has reopened!), fired back to Sneaky Petes for a couple standard jagerbombs, then I was forced over town to Opal where it cost a disgusting £6 to get in... left after 10 unimpressed minutes and went to the good old Hive nightclub for cheap drinks and general sweatiness. nice. I'm a scumdog at heart.

Sweaty Hive Main Dancefloor

I never really get Halloween off of work, this will be the first one in a good 3 or 4 years that I have been out for! However, due to working all the lead up to it, I didn't really make much effort with the costume. I went as some sort of zombie/vampire/agitated bloody geek. Yeah, I don't know either.

Me, my dubiously coloured drink, The Receptionist from my work, her friend (I think/hope?)

That hangover lasted 2 days. That's right, I can't kick it like I did anymore.

After Halloween was over and I had eventually recovered, my mum came down from Aberdeen to stay for a couple days. Always a joy, well... almost. A couple days of nagging passed (apparently I have too many coats on my coathook for her liking, nagging for the sake of nagging I feel!) and she went back up to deal with the ongoing saga of my Great Aunt and a nursing home and all sorts of drama. I am always irriated when she is here, but miss her when she is gone. My parents have just bought a house out in Colinton (suburb of Edinburgh) so when they move down here I am sure it will be better for us both - she'll see me and the cats, I'll get fed and washing done, but she won't be sleeping in my living room in my small 1-bedroom flat, where every movement echoes round the whole place... (she makes the loudest cups of tea at like 4am, why?)

Dave - the boy - has been very busy with fourth year at the moment, I'm quite proud of him really, he's buckled down a lot more than I ever managed to. Even if it does mean I don't get to see him quite as much as I would like to. We have been doing quite a lot of fun stuff together lately though, so I have been enjoying his effort to actually spend time together, rather than him coming over when I finish work at like 2am, sleeping, and leaving at 9am for uni (in boy world, that counts as spending time together, who knew).

On Wednesday we went to the Cinema to see Due Date, however this was sold out an hour before the showing, so we settled for Burke and Hare instead. Neither of us were overly keen to go see this, I had heard only bad reviews, so was expecting it to be terrible. It wasn't terrible, it had some good aspects, and it's always good to see Edinburgh throughout it. In fact a lot of it was filmed near where I work, one of the other managers actually wondered onto the set by Dropkick Murphys at one point! I hadn't realised it was going to be as slapstick comedy and farcical as it was. I reckon it would have been more succesful if someone like Tim Burton had directed it, making it darker but still funny. Oh well.

I've had enough of rambling for now. Next on the agenda: WWE Smackdown World Tour - Ray unleashes her inner 13 year old boy, shopping and Primark, and Alexisonfire (well this is tonight, and I'm stoked).

With that, a picture of the beautiful Dallas Green to see you on your way.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

2. Moaning noises

Walking to work to start my 2-close, that's right, a 2-close. Oh, sweet 12 hours of misery.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

1. Miss Ray's first tender step into the blogosphere

My name is Rachel. I was born in Aberdeen in 1986 to a couple who had been together since they were 15; they already had a son who in his baby-years managed to complete such feats as peeing on another baby in the maternity ward, rolling around in dog poo in his blue velvet dungarees (sorry Rich) and rolling off the bed in front of a door trapping my mother out of the room. So, in some ways it is surprising that I even exist. 

Fast-forward through a hazy period of horrific party dresses, hair ribbons and the one time I tried to cut my own fringe with nail scissors and we reach the beginning of what I like to call my nomadic stage. Basically we moved around a lot for my dad's job. America, Azerbaijan, Brazil and Thailand. Quite the adventure; all different, all amazing, all difficult. Brilliant memories, ones I will touch on at a later date.

I moved to Edinburgh to attend University, where I studied English Literature, I enjoyed Uni but I enjoyed Edinburgh more. I graduated in 2009, couldn't get a job, so have continued rolling along (and slightly upwards)in the Bar Trade. I love Edinburgh, I am constantly amazed at how beautiful it is.

Now I am 24 years old; slightly podgy with red hair stuck in that horrible growing-out-period of doom - currently trying out a block fringe which insists on returning to its side swept origins. I am a Manager at a pretty awesome Bar in the city centre (one that I perhaps dedicated a little too much of myself to)though now I am applying to get onto a Business and Marketing postgraduate course at Napier University which starts in January, fingers crossed, minimum wage is starting to hurt! I have a lovely boyfriend, who puts up with a lot of indecision and bousing on my part.

I have started this blog to focus myself a bit more, hopefully get back into a bit of writing, and perhaps remember what it is to enjoy myself and regain some passion!

I am Miss Ray. I am 24. I live in a basement flat with my cats. They are my wolfpack.