Thursday, 7 October 2010

2. Moaning noises

Walking to work to start my 2-close, that's right, a 2-close. Oh, sweet 12 hours of misery.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

1. Miss Ray's first tender step into the blogosphere

My name is Rachel. I was born in Aberdeen in 1986 to a couple who had been together since they were 15; they already had a son who in his baby-years managed to complete such feats as peeing on another baby in the maternity ward, rolling around in dog poo in his blue velvet dungarees (sorry Rich) and rolling off the bed in front of a door trapping my mother out of the room. So, in some ways it is surprising that I even exist. 

Fast-forward through a hazy period of horrific party dresses, hair ribbons and the one time I tried to cut my own fringe with nail scissors and we reach the beginning of what I like to call my nomadic stage. Basically we moved around a lot for my dad's job. America, Azerbaijan, Brazil and Thailand. Quite the adventure; all different, all amazing, all difficult. Brilliant memories, ones I will touch on at a later date.

I moved to Edinburgh to attend University, where I studied English Literature, I enjoyed Uni but I enjoyed Edinburgh more. I graduated in 2009, couldn't get a job, so have continued rolling along (and slightly upwards)in the Bar Trade. I love Edinburgh, I am constantly amazed at how beautiful it is.

Now I am 24 years old; slightly podgy with red hair stuck in that horrible growing-out-period of doom - currently trying out a block fringe which insists on returning to its side swept origins. I am a Manager at a pretty awesome Bar in the city centre (one that I perhaps dedicated a little too much of myself to)though now I am applying to get onto a Business and Marketing postgraduate course at Napier University which starts in January, fingers crossed, minimum wage is starting to hurt! I have a lovely boyfriend, who puts up with a lot of indecision and bousing on my part.

I have started this blog to focus myself a bit more, hopefully get back into a bit of writing, and perhaps remember what it is to enjoy myself and regain some passion!

I am Miss Ray. I am 24. I live in a basement flat with my cats. They are my wolfpack.